Engineering Associations

The masters in engineering degrees offers a number of unique and specific engineering positions.  The selection of disciplines in engineering are as numerous as the world we live in. You can select from skills in medicine to building, architecture or chemical engineering.

With a Masters in Engineering Management, several interesting occupations are available.

Masters in Engineering, This degree encompasses a large amount of both the Architectural, Building, and Development fields.

1. American Academy of Environmental Engineers – Focus on aspects of environmental problems and engineering solutions. Several certifications and examinations for environmental engineering.

2. Audio Engineering Society – Acoustical engineering, sound production and production integrity engineering. sound recording engineering, digital, analog recording, wirelessly recording development and engineering.

3. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautical Engineering – Publications and engineering documentation in Aeronautics and Astronautics. Advanced research in space travel and colonization is supported.

4. American Institute of Chemical Engineers – Established in 1908, this society emphasis on chemical treatments, safety, research developments in chemistry engineering and production.

5. American Railway Engineering Association – Integrated from four railroad engineering societies, this the association with primary focus on engineering building and safety of all railroads and their tunnels, bridges, tracks and other engineering rails facilities.

6. American Society for Engineering Education – Supports all aspects of engineering studies, and faculty for development and enrichment of the engineering education. Encouraging young students to advance in engineering programs.

7. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers – Agricultural and biological engineering with emphasis on control and adaptation of genetics and bio engineering projects. Education and research for agricultural and bio engineering a high priority for the society

8.American Society of Civil Engineers – Founded in 1852, one of the United States, oldest societies, focus on the engineering of complex civil projects such as damns, bridges, levy, aqua ducts, reservoirs, airports, skyscrapers, and any large facility..

9. American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Founded in, with an emphasis on broiler and pressure vessel code, development and education. Including all members of the mechanical engineering profession.

10. Association for Computing Machinery – An association concerned with computing and information on comp outer learning, Sponsored events with IBM’s big blue and hosts several important conferences and events each year about scientific computing.

11. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – Setting the standards for industrial excellence in electrical and electronics engineering. Offering to members, publications, education, and mentoring for progress in the development of electrical engineering.

12. Institute of Industrial Engineers – Monthly publication with focus on engineering management systems, six sigma and other test systems. Obtaining a masters in engineering management, excellent idea to contact organization for further information.

13. National Society of Black Engineers – Improving retention of African-American engineering students.

14. National Society of Professional Engineers – Setting professional standards in ethics, education and multi disciplinary objectives. This societys’ ethical responsive to issues of professional ethics and responsible decision making. Information available on taking the PE exam.

15. Society of American Military Engineers – Organized in the 1920′s to assist military personnel with strategic defense systems.

16. Society of Automotive Engineers – Engineering, designing and building self propelled vehicles.

17. Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers – Society for assisting and directing Hispanic peoples into engineering occupations.

18. Society of Manufacturing Engineers – Manufacturing engineering with emphasis on factory tooling and production, engineering management

19. Society of Marine Port Engineers – Emphasis on engineering logistics and safety in ports and shipping lanes.

20. Society of Petroleum Engineers – Society for development and research to petroleum searching, research and products manufacturing and development.

21. Society of Women Engineers – Dedicated to the advancement and educational assistance for women in the fields of engineering.

22. Society of Fire Protection Engineers – Working to insure proper safety engineering for fire safety in product design and building fire safety.

23. American Society of Safety Engineers – Safety engineering in household and industrial building development and long term projects.

24. American Society of Naval Engineers – Naval engineering for all ship building and ship,combat study, and naval architecture engineering.

25. American Helicopter Society – Design and engineering of Helicopter and vertical flight.